Sources of Information on Tunbridge Wells

Listed below are some of the places where you can find information about Tunbridge Wells. This will be expanded over time.


  • Margaret Barton                                 A History of Tunbridge Wells (1937)
  • Arthur W Brackett                              Tunbridge Wells Through the Centuries (1920)
  • C W Chalkin                                       Royal Tunbridge Wells. A History (2008)
  • Frank Chapman                                 Tales of Old Tunbridge Wells (1999)
  • Richard Cobb                                     Still Life (1984)
  • Terence Davis                                   Tunbridge Wells. The Gentle Aspect (1976)
  • Roger Farthing                                   A History of Mount Sion (2008)
  • Alan Savidge                                      Royal Tunbridge Wells (1975)
  • Royal Tunbridge Wells Civic Society     The Shock of War (1914)

A Selection of Guidebooks (available via Google Books)

  • John Colbran            Colbran’s hand book and directory for Tunbridge Wells (1850)
  • Jasper Sprange        The Tunbridge Wells Guide (1786)
  • Richard Onely           A General Account of Tunbridge Wells and its Environs (1771)


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