Disgusted Ladies

My book on the Votes for Women campaigners of Tunbridge Wells was launched on 11th April 2018.

From Matilda Biggs, who signed the first national petition in 1866, to Olive Walton, who went on hunger strike and was force fed, Tunbridge Wells was home to a series of ordinary yet extraordinary Votes for Women campaigners.

The ‘disgusted ladies’ collected signatures on petitions, marched through the streets, sold suffrage newspapers, ran shops, raised funds, evaded the census and withheld taxes. With London only a short train journey away, they took part in most of the large-scale protests and processions which took place there. Many leading campaigners made the return journey and spoke at meetings in Tunbridge Wells.

Drawing on a wide range of sources, including diaries, personal papers and contemporary newspapers, Disgusted Ladies provides readable local history and a great way of learning about the national Votes for Women campaign.

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